The baby gender question – paint it blue, pink or black?

IMG_7667 (1)It seems we’re split when it comes to the age old question of whether to find out the baby gender?

In a recent poll I hosted on Twitter, I asked you whether you found out in advance, and if you felt it was the right decision. The split was nearly 50/50 with half saying they did find out and was glad they did, while the other half conversely said they hadn’t and were also glad with their decision.

Just a mere 3% said they hadn’t found out, and wish they had.


The decision to find out the sex of your baby is a personal one. However, I was very much in camp ‘lets find out’.

For me it was obvious – how would I decorate the nursery, what clothes would I buy, how would I prepare myself – I simply had to know. And I’m so glad I did, as I felt as prepared as I could be when the day came. Pregnancy is full of many surprises, I didn’t need another.


While I appreciate that you get to ‘surprise’ people by waiting, you still get to surprise people whether it’s at 3 months or 9 months. I remember very clearly the day I told my parents. We went out for a meal and I presented them with a ‘gender reveal cake’  – it would indicate blue for a boy, pink for a girl.

It was a memorable moment, and far more poignant than a text message or blurry phone call from the hospital ward to say Boo had been born, and oh by the way was a boy… I kind of feel it gets lost in the moment.

But each to their own, and if my poll is anything to go by – the right decision is the one you make, as seemingly we have no regrets on how we go about it.

The poll is still open on Twitter, feel free to cast your vote…

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