P is for Paranoia

My boss warned me this might happen… motherhood paranoia. Is it just me, or have you discovered that this world is a episode of Casualty waiting to happen, now you have a baby? Case in hand, we were out at lunch the other day when the waitress handed our hot food to us over the baby’s head. I almost lunged for her throat at such a ridiculous thing to do, yet it didn’t occur to her that the piping hot custard might just drop on my baby, scalding him for life. The second happened today when a group of people came out of nowhere at my Drs to play with my baby. NO YOU HAVE GERMS I wanted to shout, but instead stood there rocking out of my head. Why do people have to do that! If anyone can tell me when the paranoia ends I’ll be grateful (don’t say 18 years!)

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