An ode to Motherhood!

One hungover morning, after one proseco far too many, I found myself trying to entertain my child by singing. It was as bad as you think, but I ended up penning these find words, which I dedicate to you and all the other Mummas out there!

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An Ode to Motherhood

Darling baby, i love you the most,

But can you just give me a minute to eat this toast!

You smile and you laugh and you’re so very bright, so why the f**k won’t you sleep through the night!

And the way you bite me and yank my hair,

Actually annoys me and yes I care.

And actually while we’re at it, when you scream like a fox,

It really makes me want to, climb into a box.

I love being with you, it’s always a thrill – but sometimes Mummy just wants to ‘Netflix & Chill’. 

So keep the vocals down and let me drink my wine, and I promise I’ll do more funny tummy time. 

Don’t take it the wrong way, you know I love you so…

but mummy needs her down time, she’s hungover today you know!

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