Nine Films to Watch During Pregnancy

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Nine Films to Watch During Pregnancy

Nine months is a long time to be pregnant. So while you detox from alcohol and become familiar with sitting at home with swollen ankles up, you’re going to want to watch some films.

Here’s one for each month of gestation, nicely themed…

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Early on in my pregnancy, I forced my pregnant ass to watch What to expect when you’re expecting as a sort of aperitif of what may come. Despite it being a comedy, I found it quite emotional – hey, the hormones were in full swing!

The other one of these films I really recommend watching is Due Date – I think it’s the baby that makes this film brilliant for me. That and Zak -I-cant-pronounce-his-surname are hilarious.

I’m sure there’s a load of other films I’ve missed, feel free to share them below…