Night routines

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Night Routines

That joyous moment when you first bring your baby home, the excitement as two become one.. and that dawning feeling when OMG you realise you have a little creature to keep alive! The only thing you can compare it to is bringing the school hamster home, or your short-lived experience with a Tamagochi. You realise how selfish your life has been and how its all about to change…

But, give it a few weeks and you’ll be fully immersed in the wee-burp-feed-sleep routine. And just when youve got this locked down at nights, he wakes at 3am and can’t sleep for an hour. It’s now you start to question which way is best to keep them sleeping through the night the longest.

I used to fee Boo then change him, but last night I did it the reverse way to disastrous results when he wouldn’t return to sleep.

It would be interesting to know what works best, please let us know by voting below and we’ll share the results:

During night feeds, which do you find best to do first?

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