New Year, New Kinder You?

It’s the New Year, hurrah!

HeaderFirst of all a very Happy 2016 to you our dear friends. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas, fun New Year and managed to eat your own body weight in mince pie’s – it’s what Christmas is all about!

If like me you’ve been OD on The Mail Online this Christmas, you’ll already be feeling the guilt/fear/depression of the trillions of celebs going on diets, and bored of reading a thousands ways to save money this year.

Well, I’ve had enough. So, I’m not going there. I’m not going to waste another £450 a year on Virgin Active membership, I’m not going to buy size 10 jeans in the hope that this will motivate me to de-fat, and I’m most certainly not giving up alcohol at the time I need it most!

gin © Pixabay

But here’s what I AM going to do. I’m going to try and just be a nicer person.

The best version of me

Example at hand is the glamorous, beautiful and very kind Lauren Parsekian – also known as wife of hottie Aaron Paul (Jesse in Breaking Bad). Along with her friend, she set up The Kind Campaign –  a non profit organization spreading the positive word of being kind to each other, in the hope of eradicating specifically girl-against-girl crime.

It’s a brilliant cause, especially in this day and age when school bullying and internet trolling is at its

height. If you don’t know about the charity, do check them out at or follow them on Twitter @kindcampaign – they do some great things, and really make you stop and think about the world from a new perspective.

So my promise this year, is to take a leaf out of their book. Try and be a better person, and take people’s feelings in to consideration more… it sure as hell beats giving up gin o clock!

Want to know more – check out their film below…

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