Eight Baby Names for 2018

Every year we like to take a look to the year ahead and predict some of the big names coming our way for 2018. ¬†Sure, we love John and Tom, Izzy and Olivia… but if you’re looking for something different, fashionable and not over-used, then keep on reading.

Here’s Milk Drunk Diary’s pick of the top baby names for girls and boys for 2018:



We’re always on the watch out for names that have been modernised for a new generation, and Alexis is one of those, deriving from Alexandra. So on trend is this name, that Serena Williams gave it to her daughter when she was born last year.


According to BabyCentre, this is one name growing in popularity by six per cent this year. Traditionally Irish, this name is crossing over to reach a wider audience, some shortening it to Eve.


There’s something gentle and beautiful about the name Sunday, making us wonder why there aren’t more of them around. Fearn McCann was ahead of the game when she named her baby daughter Sunday last year.


Many of us first came to hear the name in Breaking Bad, since then crossing over from America to the rest of the world. Surprisingly though, the name has Dutch origins. Although there’s no move on its popularity since last year, it’s still one to watch!



2018 is the year all about short snappy names, and Cade is right up there at the top of the list. Of course, some of you will be familiar with it thanks to the cult Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’. According to Brit+Co it was a popular name in the 80s, so we’re glad to be ahead of the curve on this one.


A strong and solid name for a boy, Hunter is growing in popularity through the years. It means exactly that – Hunter, and is currently the 49th most popular boys name.


There’s lots of variations on the spelling of the name, but this traditionally boys prefix is making somewhat of a renaissance. In In Hebrew the meaning of the name Reuben is Behold, a son. We love it!



When she got ombre hair we followed, and when she donned crop trousers the world did too. Now Cheryl and Liam have named their little one Bear, we predict that the super cute name is going to take off even more in 2018.

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