My Famous #MilkDrunk Story…

My name’s Sophia and I’m a #MilkDrunk Mum!

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Wow, it has been one busy weekend. If you didn’t see, #MilkDrunk babies are e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. And becoming a viral hit has made us a little famous in the process J


But it’s not a surprise when you consider that we’ve had selfies, belfies, babies with crazy hair, hot dog legs, pet shaming and planking. Surely, it was only a matter of time before #MilkDrunk babies became a thing.


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It was a great honour this week to feature in the Mail Online and Daily Mirror being interviewed about the Milk Drunk phenomenon. It has really taken off on social media, and then, BOOM out of nowhere ABC News ‘Good Morning America’ decide to put it on their breakfast show! I don’t think it gets bigger… well, not unless Simon Cowell tweets about it – actually, I might ask him! <Pauses for a moment, tweets @SimonCowell and waits patiently by phone> Anyone who has a baby or has spent time with a little one, will be familiar with the term. We like to describe it as; “A blissfully passed out baby ‘drunk’ following a satisfying feed of milk.”


I’m delighted that it’s getting airtime, because it’s a) hilarious b) adorable and c) dam useful to know if you’re expecting!

I will never forget how I came across this ‘thing’. It was our first week back at home with baby. I was like a maniac googling every single twitch, jerk and sound, just to be on the safe side. One night mid-feed, my baby passed out and went limp on me. So alarmed was my husband that he went to dial NHS Direct, but Dr Google came to the rescue just in time and enlightened me that my baby was in fact… milk drunk!

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