Mumma’s Meat Burger Recipe

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If there’s one good thing about pregnancy and the three months after, it’s that diets are a dirty word! During this time, especially if breastfeeding (when you need an extra 300-500 calories a day), we’re told to stock up on fibre, iron, protein, whole grains and dark leafy veg.

While this might not sound sexy at first, let me say one word. The Burger. Ok, so that’s two…

This leads rather well into May being ‘National Burger Month’ and Thursday 28 May being national burger day (although some say it’s 15th August, I guess we’ll have to celebrate twice!)

With the thought of a big juicy burger in mind, my friend and I turned to our cookbooks to come up with this mouth-watering recipe.

Mumma’s Meat Burger

If you manage to follow it, please tweet us your pictures, and we’ll RT them out to the world…. Unless, you’re Jamie Oliver, because you have a headstart already!

Makes four patties
Takes 40- 60 minutes
Suggested soundtrack – Play Chet Faker


For the burger

500g lean beef mince
A crusty roll or slice of crusty bread for breadcrumbs
A large free range egg
A pinch of ground cinnamon
A pinch of ground paprika
A pinch of hot chili powder
A few stalks of parsley chopped
Brioche Bun


Classic American yellow mustard
Crinkle cut gherkins
4 slices of American cheese
Green leafy Lettuce
Tomato, sliced

For the chips

Oven chips (judge us, go ahead, but it’s easier!)
Parmesan grated
A clove of garlic grated
A few stalks of parsley finely chopped

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Put the mincemeat, breadcrumbs, parsley and herbs in a big bowl and get massaging like it’s your husband’s back

Break an egg in to a cup, use a fork to whisk it a little, then add to mixture

MDD - Post Picture --03Cut the big meat ball in half, then half again and flatten out to a size larger than the bun, since it will shrink. Then set aside on baking paper, while you go and check on baby who is no doubt in need of attention by now

Get those Gherkins you craved in pregnancy and put them on some kitchen paper, as they are way too vinegary right now

Slice the tomato and wash the lettuce. Germs people, germs!

Follow instructions for oven cooking chips and put them in once ready

Get the Brioche Bun and cut in half – this goes in to the oven for a minute at the very end to crisp up, no sooner

Now everything is about to come together quickly and those nappy changing skills come in handy…

MDD - Post Picture --04Put your griddle on a high heat, once its there, put the burger patties on and flip them every few minutes for five minutes in total – they should be medium for best results

Throw the sliced onion in a frying pan. Crisp.

Meanwhile as the chips start to crisp, take them out and sprinkle with garlic (if you don’t mind the smell) parsley and Parmesan – then put back for a minute

Then – ta-da!

To build your burger put mayo on the brioche bun, add the patty, layer the American cheese, onions, tomato, lettuce, and mustard and ketchup.

Serve with chips, cola or a nice chilled Corona.


Rub tummy in glee.

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