Baby Disco hits the Southbank for summer…

Monski Mouse on the decks with Baby Disco…

In a time before children, Saturday nights were frequented at The End, and Fabric, and occasionally dirty little dives in East London. In many ways it prepared me for parenting, all that holding your mate’s hair back when throwing up and stumbling around at 4am….

So when I heard that family favourite DJ Monski Mouse was in town, I had to be there. I dug out the glow sticks, reclaimed my lipliner and dusted off my Oyster card, for one of the best family events I’ve been to.

London’s Southbank has been transformed this summer as ‘The Underbelly’ festival returns. Central to this is DJ Monski Mouse who mixes up a veritble treat of daytime beats, suitable for under fives and their grown up’s.

The soundtrack is happy and uplifting, mixing disco classics (Jackson Five – Don’t stop till you get enough) with hidden treasures (Nena – 99 Red Balloons) and modern day tunes (Justin Timberlake – Can’t stop the feeling), and thank God – no nursery rhymes! That said, there are a few kiddie favourites – hop little bunny and one about a dinosaur, somehow palatable when the sun is shining with a beer in your hand!

It’s a great day out for families, with Monski playing to the crowd, I highly recommend.



(C) Monski Mouse

MDD: Hello DJ Monski Mouse, tell us a bit about your baby disco..

Monski: I’m thrilled to be back for my fifth year at the London Southbank for its famous ‘Uderbelly Festival’ with Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco Dance Hall this summer. It’s the perfect family day out from parents and kids aged newborn to five. Come down and burn off the calories with them, while we groove out to some rocking tunes.

MDD: Sounds fab, but you know we’re music snobs. What kind of tunes will you be playing (please say no nursery rhymes!)

Monski: I’ve always had a very playful approach to DJ-ing. I love jazz, latin, world, tasteful 80‘s, pop, rock, rockabilly, swing, alt country. For me its all about tunes that embody a bold classic iconic quality, all killer no filler. With that in mind, its’ not just what you play, but how you play. Where you lay down a track is all part of how its embraced or rejected by a dance floor. I’ve designed my set at Baby Disco Dance Hall to work for the people big and small in the room. For their energy levels, curiosity and to embrace all the ridiculousness and joy of being a parent. Do I play nursery rhymes? Not as such, but I do venture into classic cult children’s music, and also treat classic cult adult music as though it were a nursery rhyme…

For me its all about tunes that embody a bold classic iconic quality, all killer no filler.

MDD: How did Monski Mouse come about?

Monski: It started in 1992, when I came up with the idea at art school, and started presenting on community television in Australia. It grew from there, and today it brings together my love of eclectic music and insight of being a Mum and the desire to create a space that is fun for parents AND their kids!

MDD: What advice do you have for other ‘Mumpreneurs’ that want to work for themselves?

Monski: Get the kids naps sorted to take place at home in their own bed so you can work while while they are asleep! It’s really hard to work a laptop while pushing a sleeping kid in a buggy. If you’re also full-time parenting, as I am, make sure you don’t take on too much at once. Pace yourself.

Get the kids naps sorted to take place at home in their own bed so you can work while while they are asleep!

MDD: And finally, would you ever consider a daytime residency in London for Monski Mouse? 

Monski: Always happy to consider options to play!

Go see Monski Mouse at the Underbelly in Southbank London this summer (until 30 September) tickets start from £8.50 and the set lasts 50 minutes. You an book directly here:

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