Getting the (kids) party started!


With my son approaching his ‘threenage years’, I’m starting to thinking about how to celebrate him turning three, while waving goodbye to the terrible-two’s (see ya!)

For the past few years, we’ve celebrated with Colin the Caterpillar and his Grandparents… so now it’s time to liven it up with our first kids party, gulp!

It’s epic and mini

I was introduced to Mini-Epic – an online place where parents can create and send the ultimate party invitation. With plenty of fun themes to choose from, in just a few clicks it conjures up a brilliant animated short-video to bring the invitation to life.

Set up by parents who saw a need for the service – I’m glad they did, because it’s just the answer to our problems. Made with love, Mini-Epic is a family business, with creative input from the couple’s young daughters. Cute!

Rather than writing lots of invitations to all the nursery Mum’s, I can simply create my own Mini-Epic, send it via email (which contains a link to watch the video and accept or decline the invitation), plus I can download my video to share with a WhatsApp group or Facebook, which is rather neat. I think it’s a much more efficient way of doing things and helps save wasting paper too.

Gender Universal

Themes there’s plenty, from rainbows to aliens, football to baking and my personal favourite – unicorns, among other designs like this…


Great for girls and boys, the playful designs are simple to create. All you need is a photo of your child, and the details of the shindig to get going. Here’s some snapshots of the invites I conjured up in less than a minute. It gives you the option to preview it before you proceed.

Save time, stay organised

There’s a small fee to use It (£9.99), but the cost is very little when you think about the money you’ll save on buying invitations. Plus, it helps save time and stay organised, especially when sending via email, which includes the R.S.V.P. tracking feature, helping to see who’s replied and reminds slackers who haven’t yet responded (there’s always one!).

Jonathan, the founder of the site, said: “Our ambition is to make invitations as exciting as the party is!” – and they have certainly done this by livening up, what was, a rather mundane chore for parents.

For the sentimental amongst you, there’s also an option to download the video to share online or smile at in years to come!

It’s a yes from me

Mini-Epic is a fun way to stay organised, and use your time efficiently. But if you’re looking for an invite to Boo’s party, think again – we’ve only got five goody bags to give away J

Try out Mini-Epic for all your party invitation needs at and follow them on social media on Facebook and Twitter