The World’s Cutest Milk Drunk Babies!

To celebrate all love for all things Milk Drunk – here’s just a few of our favourite recent #MilkDrunk babies of the year.

They can all be found on our Instagram page (if you’re not following you’re missing out!). And would you believe, there’s well over 180,000 images out there, a-huh, it’s a thing.

This gorgeous darling isn’t following anyone with their ‘I just happened to fall asleep at the bottle’ face. Too cute for words, but totally milk drunk!

Milk Drunk cuteness

2. It’s impossible not to love this sweet little milk drunk bunny, that someone has dressed up and photographed. One day they will be grateful, one day!


3. Hello world, this is baby ‘BEAR’. Ok, so he isn’t milk drunk, but with THAT HAIR, we simply had to include it as one of our favourite stories and pictures of the year. Absolute cuteness overload.


4. We love the contrast of soft and hard in this photo, which beautifully captures a Father’s love…

5. This is the ‘classic’ MD face. Totally passed out, with a faint dribble of milk rolling down. We love it!

6. Our favourite celebrity twins born this year are these gorgeous boys whose Dad is celebrity photographer Terry Richardson.  It doesn’t get cuter…

7. If you’re happy and you’re milk drunk… then pass out!

8. Everyone needs a blossom for a pillow…

9. Those beautiful lips, that passed out snooze, it makes our ovaries hurt it’s so cute!

10. And finally, if you’re gonna rock out, you might as well be Milk Drunk. My friend, we salute you!

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