The Micro Scooter, Mini 2 Go – Review

Micro scooterGet Your Micro-Scooter on!

Anyone who has a kid, knows a kid, or has a high street will know – the Micro Scooter rules!

In recent years is has been the essential ‘toy/accessory’ that any self-respecting child must have. Including the new ‘Mini 2 Go’ for toddlers.

Just as I was wondering when the day would come to embrace it, my son decided to let me know. He jumped on some girls pink and very girlie scooter at the park…

At 18 months he’s been walking for a while and is steady on his feet, so I figured maybe a ‘baby scooter’ would be suitable. This is all a new world to me of course. So I asked around, did a bit of research and came across Micro Scooter, the leading brand.

Mini 2 GoWheelie Wonders

They have a range of wheelie wonders for different ages (including even grown up’s). But the ‘Mini 2 Go’ caught my eye, suitable for 18 months – five years old and a good investment from the get-go.

Unlike big kid’s scooters, this has three wheels, stable suspension and a very handy toy storage unit, which doubles up as a seat.

That toothy smile said it all when I plonked him on it for the first time… then he fell off, but kept smiling!

The Micro Scooter

So, what’s it like?

As a product it’s high quality and well considered. The firm rubber wheels, the secure hand grip, the brake at the back and the toy box. It’s all made for the young ones in mind.

Its suspension allows free movement from side to side, which is something to watch out for, with little ones not yet stable. I would also recommend kids wearing shoes on the bike, so they don’t accidentally run their little toes over. You know what a liability they are at this age!

Grows with baby

Like any good investment, this product grows with your baby. At it’s smallest stage it’s 20.6cm off the floor (on the seat), but can be extended to 58cm at its greatest height. It evolves from a scooter with storage drawer to a sit on scooter, to one  with lowered handlebars. And it finally adjust as  a scooter with higher adjustable handlebars. So, if you’re pondering over when to get one, anytime from 18 months means you will get full use out of it.

micro scootersLets talk accessories for a moment. If you’re in to pimping out your rides, then you’re in for a treat. Brakes can be personalised, you can add ribbons and flowers, carry bags and get this – there’s even a name tag! We opted for the water bottle and matching foldable poncho in super cute crocodile print – both ideal for the unpredictable British weather. Naturally, I couldn’t resist the bell, and neither can Boo who is obsessed with it! Thankfully, it’s not a horrible sound.

Safety comes first

I would recommend investing in a helmet, there’s plenty on the market – but you will want to look for those that meet EN1078 Safety Standards. I chose Micro Scooter’s  safety helmet, which meet this standard, and come in small (48-52cm) and medium (53-58cm), starting from just £14.95.

The kids might speed off into the night, but the Micro Scooter is here to stay. And if you’re going to invest in one, it might as well be the right one, hence the Micro Scooter’s ‘Mini 2 Go’ gets my vote.

Check out our very own video here:

The Mini 2 Go Scooter starts from £99 at

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