Calling all Parents for May Mayhem!

It’s May, which means it’s time to mark May Mayhem for Meningitis Now, here’s how you can help…

Since returning to work from maternity leave, I know something has changed in me. I leave the office at 5pm on the dot, I no longer worry about being the most fashionable person (frankly just having clothes without bogeys/sick/goo on is a bonus!) and the thought of work trips away no longer excite me. I also want to give back, like helping Meningitis Now.


Being a parent changes your perspective on life, and one thing I feel more inclined to do than ever, is ‘give-back’.

I’m not really a ‘bake-cakes-for-money’ kind of Mum, but with next month being ‘May Mayhem’ in support of Meningitis Now, I wanted to think of creative ways to inspire my office to get involved.

Meningitis Now is a fantastic organisation that raises awareness and funds for those affected by the devastating illness. It can affect anyone, but especially our young.

So while brainstorming some creative ideas, I thought I would share them with you. Go ahead, take them, run with them, own them! If we can all do one thing that does some good for someone who has suffered from this, then what a great gift we have given.

Here’s some of my CREATIVE IDEAS:


  • MEN-IN-heels: A little play on words here, but I’d definitely give money to see my (male) boss rock a pair of Louboutin’s in the office in aid of Meningitis Now. Sure it’s one for the fellas, but I think somehow this might just be a hit!
  • Guess the kids photo: Who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia! Why not all bring a picture from your childhood in to the office and create a gallery. Everyone who takes part donates £1, with the ‘best baby photo’ getting to leave early on Friday and all the money going to the charity. Win-win!
  • Theresa MAY: Pick a Friday in May – any Friday and come to the office as your favourite Prime Minister. May, Thatcher, Churchill – take your pick. Pay to get involved!
  • The MENtos challenge: Yum. We all love a mentos sweet. Why not run a competition to see who can bake the best cake using mentos, or better still – who can hold the most mentos in their mouth!
  • The Great British Fake Off: Summer’s here, why not challenge your office to wear fake tan for the day and the most ‘David Dickinson’ of them all wins a half day holiday. Everyone who takes part contributes to the charity. Think of the photos!

pexels-photo-57825Well, they are my thoughts, but you can always stick to beaning someone!
The good thing is that Meningitis Now will support you in your fundraising, with a dedicated account executive, your own online fundraising page and a certificate to share.

You also have the chance to win hundreds of pounds’ worth of publicity through Meningitis Now’s website, social media and News magazine, which goes out to thousands of people

There’s lots more on the campaign and you can also sign up here!

If you’re getting involved then please get in touch on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll be sure to give you a big SHOUT OUT! Thank you!

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Thank you!

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