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Maxi-Cosi, MiloFix it for you…

I’ve been a member of a couple of private members clubs in my time. But probably the most exclusive club is ‘Club Parent’! For when you join, you learn a new language, and in the past 12 months that includes; Pampers, Jumperoo, Snuffle Rub and my personal favourite – Maxi-Cosi.F4486921-9839-43C9-ABD6-19B5C6FE0039 (1)

My baby’s car seat is one of the more sentimental items I own. Not just because it’s something we use most days, but because it reminds me of that very precious first journey home from hospital. Never have my bum cheeks been tighter!

But the time had come to part ways with my precious Maxi-Cosi Pebble, as Boo has started to outgrow it, as he turned from baby to boy. I’d been impressed with the Pebble, so decided to get the next model up in their range.

Sitting comfortably?

There’s lots of different car seats to suit your demands – but the most important feature for me was a seat that could be both rear and forward facing. It may seem a frivolous detail, but it’s hugely important. Important because, numerous studies have shown that babies should travel rear facing up to 15-18 months for maximum safety.  I wanted a car seat that could offer this, but would last longer than the 12 months that have just shot past.

All hail the Maxi-Cosi Milofix, a nifty, comfy and innovative car seat. Boo will sit in backwards for the next few months, which we can then swivel around when he comes of age. It is suitable from birth to four years old, so a good investment.

Splash the cash…

Buying from a reputable dealer is important, so I headed to one of my favourite parent sites- PreciousLittleOne . I had previously gotten my high chair, cot sheets and baby food utensils here. I had been very impressed with their excellent customer service as well as value for money.

IMG_7147The Milofix arrived a few days from ordering and in good time to pass it off as a gift from Santa! It was pretty straightforward to install especially as it comes with its own isofx, however we still got a professional to check it over (visit here fore more).

Christmas is the perfect time for a road trip, and a visit to the family was the ideal opportunity to put it to the test.


My first impression was how well padded the seat is. Comparing it to his previous baby seat. It was far more cushioned and looked extremely comfortable, especially with much better neck support. The straps were far more sturdy too, resembling more of an adult seatbeat. Although it took a few goes to get the knack of learning how to extend it to fit. It felt extremely secure though and the three point safety lock is very reassuring.

Even though the seat must be twice the size of the previous one, it takes up no more room in our humble car. And at last Boo’s legs aren’t hitting against the seat – he has so much room, and even more to grow in to.

For safety freaks, you’ll be pleased to learn that it comes with its own airbag, and overall is very secure in the car.

The only flip-side of course is that with it being so cumbersome. It’s no longer possible to fix it to your buggy wheels and take out and about. However, he’ll soon be walking and I feel that phase is about to leave us soon anyway.

But of course, best of all, it can convert to forward facing in a few months when he gets bigger – as their official video shows.

During our three-hour road trip, Boo seemed to be very settled and happy in the seat. I was pleased that he had so much more room, and higher up to enjoy the view.



As a parent it’s very reassuring to know that we have given him the best product on the market and it makes driving that bit more enjoyable for all of us. So along with the new language, I’ve also discovered – road trips can actually be fun!

* It’s always important to buy a car seat from a reputable dealer and ensure it is properly installed before using.

Maxi-Cosi car seats range from the following:

  • Babies – aged from birth to approx. 12 months (0 -13kg)
  • Babies/toddlers – aged from birth to approx. 4 years (0-18kg)
  • Toddlers –. aged approx 9 months to 4 years (9-18kg)
  • Children – aged approx 3.5 to 12 years (15 – 36kg)

The Maxi-Cosi Milofix is available from PreciousLittleOne starting from £199 including free delivery.

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