Ferraris & tiaras! How I’d spend a million on my kid, if I won the lottery…

*Written in collaboration with Lottoland*

There was a jaw-dropping programme on TV a while ago featuring the decadent luxury items that the rich and famous indulge in. Among them, a Swarovski encrusted rocking horse for £96,000 and a children’s sports cars, costing nearly as much as my old banger!

But it got me thinking of all the things I’d love to recklessly buy for my son and his cousin Emma, if I by chance won the lottery!

So I started writing my list, and it goes a little something like this…

My dream list

  1. Luxury children’s super car – £30,000

First on my list would be a custom-made children’s luxury car. With speeds of up to 20mph and alloy wheels, the fully pimped model is seriously plush. You can’t buy this just anywhere though, they are strictly made to order.

2. Silver Cross rose gold Balmoral pram – £40,000 (Harrods)

You’d be proud to walk down the street with the Silver Cross Balmoral, although with it’s £40k price tag, you might just want to keep it to Kensington High Street! Sadly, you can’t buy this off the shelf – it’s built to order.

3.Gucci Metallic leather bomber jacket – £1,300 (Selfridges)

If you’re going to indulge, you might as well go BIG! If I had a million to flash, dam right I’d be buying up this awesome kid’s leather bomber in metallic pink. Sweet!

4. Burberry, parade red duffle coat – £385 (Alex & Alexa)

My Boo would look awesome in Burberry’s beautiful red duffle coat, exquisitely tailored to precision. With its trademark Burberry print lining, how I long for the day I can ‘add this to basket’. Sigh…

5. A week at the Burj Al Arab, Dubai – approx £44k
for a family staying in the Royal Suite

If you’ve got the money, then there’s one place in the world that eclipses all others… the Burj Al Arab. This beacon in Dubai’s skyline has its own helipad, revolving bed and private beach. I was lucky enough to have a press tour of it a few years ago and I can confirm, it’s positively dripping in gold! Flights not included!

  1.  A diamond encrusted tiara – £47k

If it’s good enough for the Kardashian-West tribe, then yeah, it’s definitely good enough for mine! Kanye reportedly spent $62 on a diamond encrusted tiara for his daughter last year. Since this isn’t readily available, we’ll have to get our people to call his people if you want one made…

  1. A life size robot from £24k (Hammacher)

For someone’s annual salary, you could ‘treat yourself’ to a 7-foot robot. Why not!  The fully animatronic remote-controlled bot is a replica of the one from Forbidden Planet.

Play to win!

But let’s be honest, there’s only one way this is going to happen, and that’s if I win the lottery! This is when I came across Lottoland. If you haven’t heard of them, they work like the regular lottery, except you get to bet on draws from around the world – from Australia to USA.

You still pick your chosen lottery balls (numbers) to be drawn. If you guess the right amount of numbers correctly, you win prizes – usually cash. It’s all done online and Lottoland pay out the prizes instead of the lottery operator.

The Irish Lottery is a favourite, with a minimum £1.4m win in the main draw. While the EuroMillions jackpot, has been known to rise to a whopping £130m, what I could do with that money! Both are just £2 to enter.

And then there’s Powerball – the American lottery which costs £3. You might remember, it had the £1 billion jackpot earlier this year. Sadly I didn’t win!

Please bet responsibly: Betting on the lottery is a fun activity to be enjoyed sensibly. But, it stops being fun as soon as it starts affecting your life in a negative way. Lottoland advise staying within your means and never spending more than you can afford. If you are concerned about gambling in any way, please speak to a professional caregiver, or an organisation like Gamble Aware.

*Please note, prices correct at time of going to press – they are subject to change.

This post was written in partnership with Lottoland.