Just a small sting – Men B jab

The Men B Jab

April 2015. When I saw the news report about the Meningitis B jab not yet available on the NHS, it tapped in to every insecurity I have as a parent. Granted, chances of getting it are unlikely. But when I saw how babies were ravaged by the disease, I knew I’d sell my left lung to prevent this happening to Boo.

It turns out my lung is worth a lot more. Because it only costs the NHS £20 for this preventative jab, but £600 for me as a parent (£150 per jab – 4 required) going private.

It was still a non-brainer as I decided, for the second time this year, that private healthcare was my only option.

Only for the privileged few?

I’m privileged to be able to be able to fund this, but what about the many parents out there who can’t afford to? It’s troubling, upsetting and cruelly unfair that some cannot. Once again preventative and important drugs such as the Men B jab are for the preserve of the rich. It’s so bitterly unfair that many parents will not have the peace of mind I have. While I’m grateful to be in my position, it also leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I’ve no doubt the NHS will get their act together and introduce this much needed vaccination soon. Surely, the government knows it makes sense, costs or not. But in the meantime, I’m not prepared to wait around for it.

Full article on Mail Online here.

For more information visit NHS Direct.

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  • Sam

    This article made me so sad. I like you would give anything to make sure my babies don’t get this horrible illness. I also looked into giving it privately but, with 4 children who fall into the vulnerable age category, I just can’t afford to do it. I really feel like I’m failing them.
    I can only hope the NHS decide to roll it out to others,not just newborns, and quickly.

  • milkdrunkdiary

    My friend, you are not in the slightest bit failing your children, because it’s clear you love them very much. I’m so sorry if my article was misinterpreted – it’s the system that is failing parents, not parents failing children. You sound very caring, your children are lucky to have you. I hope the NHS will address this issue to prevent such unnecessary heartbreak. Sending you hugs.