It’s official

© Pixabay

We made our baby official today and registered him. A monumental day I knew I would remember. I envisaged it to be a quaint little office, josticks burning in the corner, pipe music coming out of the speakers, and coo’s at the new life I had brought in to make official. It couldn’t have been more different…

Instead, I walked in to a library styled room, with the registrar looking like she hadn’t talked to anyone in a decade. She jumped on us, asked us about where we would take him on holiday and before we knew it decided to enlighten me about how the notorious ‘Ibiza Uncovered’ programme started. So there we are, registering Boo’s existence, trying to proof read his birth certificate, probably the most important document of his life, all the while trying to take in stories of ‘gangbanging’ and ‘fisting’ from the registrar! I knew today would be memorable, but probably not for these reasons!


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