Say it with baby cake …

© Pixabay

Hey baby cake!

Americans, you love or hate them. Well I’m firmly in camp love.

So, having visited the States a lot, I have fallen for the Abercrombie-wearing-donut-eating-star-spangled-flag-waving folk. And now I’m knocked up, I’ve been looking across the pond to see how they do things.

One thing I’m stealing is the cupcake reveal cake. It’s a genius, if not slightly indulgent way to share the news about the sex of your child.


When the time came to tell our friends that I was growing a little willy inside me (it still icks me out), I decided that the cake could do the talking.

Yet, it’s pretty simple to bake and there’s tons of recipes out there. For our friends overseas and far away we filmed me cutting the cake, as a blue heart appeared. I’m glad we did it this way, it gave everyone a chance to feel like they were sharing the moment with us.

And now we look to the future – the reveal of our child’s name. Furthermore, how do we do this in an original way and with panache?