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Welcome to new age parenting – no, I’m not talking about chanting nursery rhymes and planting your placenta under a tree (unless you want to, yikes!) No, I’m talking about real new-age, tech-Mums and Dads that embrace technology.

And if you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate some of the apps below, which I found super helpful during my pregnancy and postpartum.

Since they say ‘sharing is caring’, here’s five apps that I found really helpful in those early days, and most of them are free too. Enjoy…

1. My Pregnancy Today – BabyCentre (Free)

I’ve always liked the Babycentre website, so it was a great bonus to have their app on my phone too. It was super resourceful with lots of tips and advice, but I particularly liked how you could capture and record your growing bump!

2. Pregnancy+ (Free)

Free for the first few weeks, I absolutely loved to chart the progress and development of my baby using app. Today he’s a lentil, tomorrow he’s a melon – it was one of the few apps that made it all very real!

3. Layout (Free)

Those clever buggers at Instagram have figured out that we all need a layout app for the thousands of pictures we take (especially with a newborn). it’s worth investing in a decent iPhone and enough storage for the massive amount of images you’re going to be taking!

4. The Wonder Weeks (£1.49)

Available as both a book and an app – you will be spooked out with the accuracy  of the Wonder Weeks. According to this app, your baby will go through predictable ‘leaps’ through his development. These can be calculated and tracked, so that you know when he is having an off day, and the new ‘tricks’ he has learnt. It is terrifying accurate and an app I constantly refer back to.

5. Annabel Karmel Family Cooking (£3.99)

Useful for when baby starts weaning, The Annabel Karmel  app is loaded with great family cooking ideas, and taste home cooked food to inspire. I found it worked really well on my iPad.

6. Baby Tracker (free)

In those first few early weeks, I couldn’t have gotten through having a new baby without this. It can record the frequency of baby’s feeding, pooping and sleeping schedule, which when you’re suffering with baby brain, is a godsend. I use it a lot less now, but it was a great tracker for those first few months when all you do is eat, feed, sleep, repeat!

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