I nominate, for the Lieber Questions

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Lets get Lieber

Thanks to @dirty_nappy I found myself nominated for these questions. I’m partial to a bit of self indulgence and have answered away. My nominations are below.

(1) Who was the first person to read your blog (link away if it was another blogger).

That would probably be @mothersmeetings @gryffenstrong and @moderndadpages , who were the first to respond and share some online love!

(2) Describe your blog in three words.

Milk stained mess.


(3) When and where do you normally write your posts?

In between screaming festivals with my newborn, including my bed, my couch, my garden, and even my toilet once (don’t judge me!)


(4) Apple or android?

Apple. Always.

Half way there, keep going!

(5) Best or funniest parenting experience.

The time in hospital we switched the lights off and said goodnight to little Boo, and he responded with a squeak! With such comedic timing, he may well be a stand up.

(6) What/who inspires you.

Definitely not Kim Kardashian. Definitely Arianne Huffington!

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(7) How would you spend £1million?

I’d invest in a medical team to find a cure for the newly formed bags under my eyes.

(8) Favourite blog this week (please link for the rest of us to enjoy).

Honestmum.com has made me chuckle (@honestmummy), but I’d like to add @dadoralive as my favourite parent tweeter – he’s internal monologue makes compulsive reading.

(9) Did anything make you laugh today?

Walking behind some teenagers from a local school and eavesdropping on why ‘Oliver is such a good catch’ and realising, I am seriously old to these people and thus invisible!

(10) What was the last book you read?

How to give a TED talk. Am more likely to be reading ‘how to talk to your teddy’ these days!

(11) Random fact about you!
I have a selfie phobia, but love taking pictures of others.


Nominees are 
I would like to nominate the following tweeter-bloggers, as I’ve enjoyed their posts this week; @dadoralive @honestmummy @mothersmeetings @paigelaurenbaby @youbabymemummy
My questions are
1. Worst parenting advice given?
2. Who would play you in the movie of your life?
3. Favourite month of the year?
4. Which celebrity do you love most on Twitter?
5. Essential gadget every parent should have?
6. If you had to neck nominate using baby milk, who would you put up?!
7. Buzzfeed or Mail Online?
8. Daddy or chips?
9. Tattooed names – your thoughts?
10. Children’s show you grew up with, that you wish they would bring back?
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