I gave birth to my husband!

When you think about having a baby and birth, you don’t perhaps think you are cloning your husband, but guess who did…!

When my little boy was born, he looked like a cross between an alien and the last chicken in sainsburys! Naturally as the days passed he started to look more human, and adorable and well.. more and more like my husband!

Father and son2 © pixabay

And then it started…

‘Wow, doesn’t he look like your husband!’ and ‘there’s no doubting who the Father is’.

It’s literally the only reaction I’ve had. Not even ‘he has your eyes’ (which he does) or ‘your diva attitude’ (which he also has spectacularly acquired). No, nadda.

And I kid you not, I’ve even had strangers stop me at an airport to tell me this!

Now, it’s no bad thing, my husband is a fine looking man, but for e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e (my parents included), to point this out is quite something.

So for other disgruntled Mothers, I was doing a bit of googling and came across this…

  • In Greece they say that the more your baby looks like your partner, the more he loves you! Well that’s one thing I suppose.
  • Another theory I’ve heard is that it we have evolved from cave men ways, and so babies were made to look like their Fathers, so that they wouldn’t (ahem) eat them in the early days… jeez.
  • Friends of mine have also said it’s so that men don’t question who the Father is (makessense), while others claim that men just have a stronger gene pool, but I’m a feminist so I’m disregarding that!

True dat…

It is basically summed up perfectly on this website ‘Cracked’, which says;

“nature conditioned the minds of mothers to insist, and even believe, that the baby looks like her partner just to ensure that he doesn’t abandon her, or eat the baby, or whatever it is that cuckolds do.”

Whatever the reasoning, it has I suppose made me laugh. Have you had a similar reaction, how did you respond?

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