Four reasons to love a good salad…


Pine nut, sundried tomato, rocket and cheese salad

Hello from the sunny shores of Italy. Ok, well it hasn’t been all rest and no work,…

I visited a little tavern the other day and had the most stunning simple salad, that I had to list the ingredients to try back home. Before I knew it, I was writing a recipe, so I thought, I might as well share it with you – rude not to…!

But before that, here’s five reasons to love the green dish:

  1. It’s good for you
  2. It accounts for at least one of your five a day
  3. Cutting back on meat is no bad thing
  4. It’s a classy choice to order when you’re out


Fresh Basil
Cherry tomatoes
Sundried tomatoes
Goats cheese
Pine nuts
Virgin Olive Oil

Best served with – A nice glass of Rose

Soundtrack – Eros Ramazotti


It’s all in the layering.

Start with rocket (we love Steve’s Leaves from Waitrose) – wash it thoroughly

Cut the cherry tomatoes, scatter over the rocket

Get one of those mozzarella and sundried tomato tubs, pour over the salad

Delicately teat the goats cheese and place a few blobs in the salad

Scatter pine nuts like confetti, you can never have too much

Finish with a good Olive Oil, preferably Italian

Eat and enjoy!

MDD - Post Picture - ©