Why I’ll never use Hermes Delivery Service again

The Shambles of Hermes

As a parent it’s bloody hard doing the things you used to be able to. Simple tasks like taking a parcel to the Post Office, which used to be easy, are suddenly filled with the logistical planning of a demon!

Having bought a large item that was no longer suitable, I decided that I’d try out Hermes to collect it for me. The website is easy to use and the driver who drops of my ASOS goods is always lovely, what could go wrong? Well, pretty much EVERYTHING.

They didn’t even turn up!

So Monday afternoon I booked the courier and paid a premium for the driver to collect my parcel. The website is a bit of a shambles, it doesn’t give you any indication of what time the courier will come, nor does it take your number to give you a window. This was their first fail.

The next day my boss had kindly allowed me to take the day off to sit at home and wait for my Hermes courier. These days are precious, making me all the more LIVID that they didn’t turn up.

Suspiciously quiet, half way through the day I decided to get in touch via their web email. 10 minutes of waiting and I finally got through to an advisor. She was as helpful as a blind bat, telling me she couldn’t get through to the driver but would inform him that I’d be out for 15 mins to pick my son up from nursery. She assured me the courier would be coming today but “I could always just go to a shop and drop it off”.

The idiot. If she had actually paid any attention she’d have seen that my product being oversize would not allow this. Fail two.

Three fails and they’re out!

It’s now 9pm and I’m still sitting at home writing this wondering where my Hermes delivery man is. No, nothing. Fail three.

I go with the three strikes and you’re out rule and I’m afraid Hermes have GROSSLY let themselves down. This is my first and last experience using them. And more fool me for not using Royal Mail who have a much higher standard.

The irony being that if you call their helpline or go to their website, Hermes pride themselves in being ’24hrs’… that is until you need them, because the doors shut at 8pm, and not even their lacklustre Twitter team bothered to respond.

All in all, It has been a pretty appauling experience, and I for one will never be using them again.

The Omi-Shambles Update (the morning after)

I have tweeted, emailed and messaged Hermes, it has been 12 hours and still nothing.

It seems I’m not alone, there are 148 other people WAITING in their slow queue to no doubt complain. It’s shambolic that I have to keep getting in touch with them, since they fail to respond to me.

After 12 hours of no luck I have given up, demanded a refunded and used the far more reliable service of Royal Mail.

Once tried, never used again. Goodbye and good riddance Hermes.

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