Keeping your kids cool in a heatwave…


As I type this, beads of sweat are flying off my nose, landing on my keyboard, probably running it forever. TYPE WHILE YOU CAN, I shout to myself! I think heatwave hysteria is kicking in…

For the past week, Britain has been BAKING in an insane heatwave. This tends to happen every now and then, and being British we are grossly unequipped to deal with it.

I live in London where the temperature is currently SCORCHIO, otherwise known as 34 degrees of hell. And all anyone is talking about is the weather.

Take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone, and to help save all those google searches you’ll be doing to keep the family cool, I’ve done them for you…

How to keep a newborn cool in the heat?

Don’t overdress them, obvious really, but babies can’t cool down like us, so make sure they are in light clothes. At night if you are keen to use a grobag, there are some that are 0.5 tog (click below to take your nearest stockist).

Keep their environment breezy or as ventilated as possible, keep windows open and be sure to use a room thermometer.

I also heard that keeping large bottles of frozen water or ice cubes can help with the temperature too.

Above all, make sure your child remains hydrated in this weather.

The perfect temperature for a child’s bedroom is 16-20ºC, which is a slight worry when it’s twice that outside! So, if you have concerns and it’s safe enough to move them to a cooler room or even yours, that may be an option.

If you have any concerns, consult the NHS. There’s also some great advice on Made for Mums too.

How to cool your body down

There’s been some great stuff circulating twitter this week – my favourite is using a bag of frozen peas as a pillow! As above, the old ice-cubes by the fan trick helps. My husband has been taking to putting a wet towel on his body and having lots of cold showers to bring his temperature down.

Evian face spray is brilliant to have armed with you. At work you can buy plug-in USB desk fans which are awesome.

At night make sure you use cotton sheets and pillows – never synthetics in this weather.

Do babies sleep more in hot weather?

If I’ve been feeling more drowsy than usual because of heat fatigue, then I wonder what impact this is having on my child?

It’s hard to find any evidence to support this theory, but Bruce Epstein, M.D., a pediatrician in Pinellas Park, Florida, has said: “Babies sleep deeply when they’re hot, making them difficult to arouse, which may increase the risk of SIDS.”

Should you have any concerns about SIDS, please consult the NHS, here’s more on their website.

I’m pregnant  – how can I stay cool?

Oh sister we feel for you. Most of us will have experienced the heat sometime in pregnancy, and with the already added insulation, it’s not fun.

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But there are a few things you can do to help:

  1. Avoid the heat at all costs, stay in the shade, seek out cool areas
  2. Consider the best option for commuting to work. Will you be hotter on the bus than train, or can you drive?
  3. Arm yourself with Evian spray, it’s a great quick-hit to cooling down
  4. Wear loose clothes and cotton where preferable
  5. Keep drinking water, make sure you stay hydrated. It’s time like this you really miss your old friend Diet Coke, but don’t forget caffeine limitations during pregnancy
  6. Go for a swim or exercise in the water, this can be a lovely way to cool down. But avoid ice baths!

Now, I have to go as I am sweating away. But let me know how you got on!

One final thing – I am NOT a medical expert, so if you have any genuine concerns, please contact the NHS or your local care provider.

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