Why Grandparents’ are special…

As if we need an excuse, October 1 marks National Grandparents’ Day 2017 in the UK. I’m sure Clinton cards will see sales of cheap paper rocket this month, but it’s actually one day I subscribe to.

We love them, but they can annoy us. They spoil our children in ways that make us slightly envious (I suppose that’s Grandparents’ rights!), but also extremely proud.

My parents aka ‘The Grandfolks’ have done and continue to do a lot for me. It’s only now I have a child, that I fully appreciate the sacrifices they made.

Someone said to me the other day that being a Grandparent is better than being a parent, because you have all the time in the world to dote on your cherished one. It’s so true. My parents ran their own shop when I was younger, and my time with them was limited. While I could ask for nothing, and they worked night and day to fend for me and my brother, I perhaps didn’t always get to see them as much as I’d have liked.

Now that I’m a grown up too…

It’s something I’m conscious of now that I’m a parent myself. Often reminding myself to pull away from the laptop to play with my precious little one. Moments to be cherished.

But watching my Boo with his Grandparents is a special gift. They have all the time in the world for him, and he’s so lucky, because that’s a privilege I never had.

He’s also unbelievably lucky to have both sets of Grandparents. It’s something I am immensely thankful for, to bring my son up with such love.

As an only chid, I do worry sometimes that my son is surrounded by grown up’s a lot. Then I see my Mum running around the garden with him playing hide and seek, and his Grandfather teaching him to walk like a robot, and I relax!

Big Nan, Small Nan!

I never met my Grandfather’s, they sadly passed away before I came into the world. I’d love to have known them and asked them silly questions as kids do. My Nan’s were both awesome. As nostalgia kicks in, I think about them a lot these days.

My ‘big Nan’ (I’m sure she appreciated being called that!) is the kindest person I’ve ever met. Music and friendship fed her soul, she would only give me one piece of advice, and I loved her for it. “Make good friends, Sophia” she’d say. Like it mattered more than marriage, kids or breathing. She had a point!

My ‘small Nan’, who was a funny round Greek lady always brought laughter, and the most amazing foods. She’d creep me out by saying ‘I’m always watching you, I’m sending my little bird to keep an eye over you when I’m not here’. I think she believed in reincarnation, and while I’m not sure I do, I can’t help but double take whenever I see a little bird sitting outside my back door, looking in.

Grandparents are wonderful things, liver spots n all! Lets cherish them today and every day.


For Yaya and Granny.