An ode to Milk – our creamy friend!

So who knew that World Milk Day existed?

Well you do now, and in case you want to mark it in your calendar for future reference, it’s June 1st.

Why do we love the creamy white stuff? Well, obvs – it’s referenced in our blog name and is our raison d’être, Rodney.

The thing is, we have a lot to thank milk for. Mostly because its warm creamy goodness knocks babies out and gives them that cute milk drunk woozy glow.

So here’s six pointless things you will want to know about MILK on this fabulous day…

  1. Cows produce 90% of the world’s milk needsmilk
  2. The cutest ever milk cartoon featured in Blur’s hit ‘Coffee and TV’ – it is so loved, that you can even buy this babygrow on their website. Awesome!
  3. Kelis ‘Milkshake’ is the best song about this drink, ever. Fact!
  4. There is actually a website dedicated to buying and selling breast milk. Oh yes, and if that’s whet your appetite, check it out here
  5. Back in the 80s every single kid knew about the white nourishing drink thanks to Ian Rush and Acrington Stanley. If you don’t know what I mean, you need to watch this…

    6. And finally, if you haven’t seen the Sean Penn classic ‘Milk’ I urge you to. It’s a great film about the LGBT community and equality, based on the true story of the legendary Harvey Milk.

If you love milk drunk babies, then you’ll love this part of our site, dedicated to the gorgeous creatures!