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It seems Damon Albarn was ahead of the game. Back in the ‘noughties’ when girls who liked boys to be girls… or whatever it was, the top names for boys were Thomas, James and Jack, while for girls it was Rebecca, Lauren and Jessica.

Fast-forward to twenty years (yes you are that old), and the classic names still linger in the top ten. However, today there’s a rich range of children’s names from Reuben, Riley, Darcy and Sienna making appearances in the top 100, that you can afford to go a little leftfield. But how alternative to go?

The big thing right now is ‘gender-neutral’ names, or as we like to call it – girls with boys names.

And as always, we have our American celebrity friends to thank. Glossy celebrity parents Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are the latest to jump on the trend, naming their little girl James.

Celebrity Unisex Names

They join a list of other celeb-parents who’ve done the unisex thing, including Jessica Simpson, who was ahead of the curve when she named her little girl ‘Maxwell’ a few years ago. It’s just as well her surname isn’t House…

Then there was Johnny Knoxville who called his girl ‘Arlo’ and Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis who named theirs ‘Wyatt’. We aren’t sure where ‘Sailor’ sits – but Liv Tyler’s boy goes by this unusual name.

I’m a big fan of alternative names – the originality and personality it gives your kid makes them stand out from the 10,000 baby George and Charlotte’s out there.

So, if you’re thinking of alternative names for your child, here’s some inspiration…

 There’s something alluring about the name Scarlett, look at Ms Johannson #justsaying 

You say Charlotte (Ranked no.11)
We say Scarlett (Ranked no.42)

Thank you Justin Timberlake for reminding us that Silas is an awesome name, and Biblical too, lets bring sexy back, er we mean Silas…

You say Miley (Ranked no. 388)
We say Silas (Ranked no.116)

George is a timeless name we know, but it’s not as good as Ringo! He was always our favourite Beatle – so understated.

You say George (Ranked no. 157)
We say Ringo (So cool, it’s not ranked)

Florence is creeping up in it’s popularity, but if you want to be truly original be brave, go India.

You say Florence (Ranked no. 86)
We say India (Ranked no. 972)

Iggy Azalea is our inspiration here, she’s the coolest chick on the block and smells sweeter than a Rose….

You say Rose (Ranked no. 224)
We say Azalea (Ranked no. 631)

Unisex names rule eh?