Should children stand up on public transport?

Should children stand up on public transport, or are they as entitled to seats as grown up’s?

One of my earliest childhood memories is sitting on a bus with my Nan. We’d take the double decker from West London to North London for a day out. It was in many ways, a bygone era of excitement.

But, what always stuck with me, is the way Nan would usher me off a seat the minute someone older came along. It was about respect.

And we’re not talking that long ago either. It was the era of *Kris Kros, the Fresh Prince, House of Pain and Mixtapes (I’m not that old, right!?)

The Youth of Today…

Pretty much every kid those days knew that they were to give up their seat for an elder. And we did so without hesitation, because we were brought up right. On occasion I’d sit on my Gran or my Mum, but the seat was always vacated for someone more deserving.

So today, it f*****g annoys me that the same courtesy isn’t shared. I did my time – now how about you!

When I was pregnant last year I remember several times on public transport people avoid eye contact so they could keep their seat. And no-one was more worse than PARENTS! Their ugly snotting kids jumping up and down the seats, as a final insult to the pregnant standing woman.

So today I found myself on a packed train. Hard working commuters like myself standing and a few families sitting down. The kids could easily share a seat and make some space, but they don’t. And although I don’t need the seat as much as some others, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, because I was never brought up like that.

But now what?

The dilemma now is what will I do when my kid gets old enough to have his own seat. Do I set a good example in a world where everyone else ignores it. Or do I follow suit as other parents and selfishly take all the room?

I guess only time will tell, but it’s a shame that the manners I grew up with, are not exercised any more.

What have you done? Share your thoughts with me.

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*Never head of Kris Kros? Shame on you 😉 watch the video below…ahh the 80s were great!

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