From Nonna to Nanny, but which one is yours?

You say Nonna, we say Nanna, lets call the whole thing Grandma?!

When it comes to having a baby, it truly is a family affair – and by that I mean, you will be spending a lot more time with your family than ever before!

One of the many frivolous, yet significant, conversations you can expect is not just the naming of your baby – but in fact the naming of its grandparents. Thought it was simple, oh no, think again!

You see, everyone has a preference, and particularly women I’ve found. Some like to be Granny, others Grandma, some Nonna, some Nanna. It’s an interesting reflection of one’s personality I’ve found.

My Mum has gone for the classic ‘Grandma’ which I think is fitting since she’s traditional in that sense. While, my Mother-in-law has gone with ‘Nanna’ which I’m less fond of. Without sounding like a snob, it’s kind of a bit Clinton’s Cards isn’t it!

It doesn’t end there though

Aunties, friends of friends and distant relations all like to have their titles too. Some want to be called Nan, others Granny, some even Nonna (Italian for Nan). The variations are endless.

Men don’t seem to be as bothered, and with Pops, Grandpa and Grandad, well there isn’t too much to argue about.

So, what does your title say about you? Here’s what I think…

  • Gradmother – what I imagine Prince George calls the Queen. For the proper posh only.
  • Grandma – another classic choice, but with connotations of an elderly lady
  • Grandmama – great… if you’re living in the Victorian era!
  • Granny – a timeless, classic name
  • Gran – a sweet and touching reference
  • Nan – your down to earth kind of Grandmother
  • Nanna – not my favourite, some might say a common description for your Grandma
  • Nanny – suggests a carer, rather than a relative
  • Nonna/Yaya (any foreign interpretation) – cute and personal

As you know I like to be completely judgemental, so these are just my views! Have any more I’ve forgotten? Please share with me…