The first baby haircut is the deepest!

Parenting ALWAYS surprises me, but never more so than my baby’s first haircut!haircut-1007882_640

I’m not the sort of person who cries often. I’m an Alpha female, a hardy southerner, a bit of a bossy boots. You get the picture. But being a parent has done something to me, and I don’t know how to describe it…

I first noticed it the day my baby when to get his routine injections. The stiff upper lip was out in force, I folded up his top, presented his arm to the doctor and looked out the window. What hit me next was quite unexpected.

My baby went M-E-N-T-A-L. Oh that scream, it was like a stag night in Benidorm in terms of decibels. I can hear it now.


My baby had been hurt and the inner Lioness erupted. Completely unexpectedly I burst in to tears. A normal person might be reading this thinking ‘ so what’, but for me it was a shock.

It was to be the first of many. His first day at school, the first time he bumped his head, basically ANYTHING!

So a few months ago, my Boo’s hair was getting crazy out of control. Those cute little curls were starting to make him look homeless, god love him! So, off we trotted to ‘Just Kuts’ (see what they did there!) and got the scissors out. I was doing Soooo well, until the barber asked me if it was the first time, and in doing so kept a lock of his hair and put it in a nice little presentation bag for me.

I was touched. I was bawling.

But it wasn’t the mullet I was mourning.. it was more. It was the loss of my baby, as the transition to infant happened before me. It was no more cute curls, hello grown up haircut. It was in many ways the loss of innocence.

So Mothers, Fathers, Guardians and bystanders, let me arm you with the proverbial tissues you’ll need. Getting your baby’s haircut, will cut deeper than you’ll ever expect!

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