If there’s one thing we can learn from our offspring it’s this – it sometimes doesn’t hurt to tell the truth.

My relatives wouldn’t buy my baby Crocs, and I wouldn’t have to pretend I liked the most disgusting shoe known to man. My husband could just come clean that my cooking ain’t Martha Stewart and we could live on take-away food, and the NCT girls, as lovely as they are, could stop pretending that their baby made them 45mins late, ok – I mean myself blatantly!

Less lies and more honesty is what the world needs. But only if we promise to not take it personally (if you ever watched the film Liar Liar, you’ll know exactly what I mean).

Being frank is not something women do well I’m afraid, and worse still, we’re absolutely horrible at moving on if someone has insulted us. I too am guilty of this being of the more emotional sex.

But I do like the way men operate. Just this week my friend Ade asked me to write some words for his website. I was well proud of one well constructed sentence and turned to him to see if he was equally excited. But instead of lying through his teeth he said ‘Er, sorry mate but i don’t like it, let’s change it’. You know what, I wasn’t offended, it was refreshing and brave and honest.

So this week, maybe just once, let’s all try to grow some and tell the truth.
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