A sneak peak of the new Jo Jo Maman Bebe range

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Previewing Jo jo Maman Bebe

We were recently invited to preview Jo Jo Maman Bebe’ summer line for 2016, to take a peek in to the range for the year ahead.

Well, it included some highly desirable cut off dungarees in their maternity range (which we’re tipping for ‘bestseller’), and lots of wooden toys for the nursery, featuring some very sweet animal skittles that will make you wish you were five again.

Since they love children’s clothes, there’s a nod to the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as a blue and white elephant print for boys, which we love – along with tropical print dungarees that we can’t wait to get our mitts on! There’s also a very exciting collaboration with Sophie La Girafe to look forward to, which includes supersoft sleepsuits and bodys for new babies – the sort of present any new parent would love.

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While we were there, we came across something we hadn’t seen before. A dinosaur t-shirt FOR GIRLS! It shouldn’t be, but it kind of is a big deal, because I can’t remember seeing this in shops before now. Always listening to feedback, their designers told us that they had received a letter from a little girl who wrote in to ask why dinosaur t-shirts were always for boys. It’s a good point, and surprising that it took a five year old to articulate it. The result is a cotton blue t-shirt featuring a smiley pink dinosaur a surrounded by lots of flowers. It’s pretty, it’s feminine, it’s available from January, and yes, it has dinosaurs.


It’s a girl thing

Girls clothes have long been a bugbear for me. I’ve always liked the colour pink, but it’s overuse in girls clothes and hen nights, leaves me feeling like I’ve just eaten a whole box of rhubarb and custards. Yup, I have pink jaw ache!

So, when it comes to boys clothes, there isn’t a schnifter of pink to be seen. And that’s a massive shame, because pink on men is one of the most flattering colours and for some reason, always makes them feel more approachable. I’m sure there’s some psychology behind it, but for now lets say – real men wear pink.

My son had just only pink item as a baby and it was a girls striped onesie from Marks and Sparks, which looked fabulous on him. So original. Yet, so disappointing that everyone thought he was a girl!

Seems like we are brainwashed as a society that we instantly associate pink with girls and blue with boys? It’s such an antiquated view, and one that we can change. But it has to start with retailers.

Dinosaurs for sure

Yet, the same with dinosaurs – why should these universal creatures be just for boys, along with footballs, rugby balls, foxes, robots and superhero’s. And on that matter, why confine flowers, ponys, Princess’, owls, cats and butterflies to girls?

And more to the point, how did this happen?! Did someone have a secret meeting one day and decide to divide the animal kingdom in half assigning the stronger animals to men, and more delicate creatures to girls?! If so, I’m assuming it was a man who made that choice!

However, wanting to burn my bra on the matter, it’s a small point, but an important one. Children should be able to express themselves in all colours, all prints and all animals.

I’m pleased to know that I’m not alone in thinking this, as I read a while back about a Mother who felt the same and launched her own range. Good for her

But, with introductions like the Jo Jo Maman Dinsoaur tee, it’s a step in the right direction, and hope more retailers will join the gang.

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