Surviving family feuds over Christmas!

There you have it, Christmas done for another year.

No more having to worry about what to buy Granny, little George or the nice teacher at school. No more fights over why TV is so bad, or whether to watch the Queen’s speech. And that annoying Christmas tree can finally come down!

Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is my favourite time of year, except all that forced time spent with family turns the best of us in to an Eastenders household. Fighting, drinking, being generally ungrateful. Of all times of year, this shouldn’t be the time we argue, but somehow inevitably we do.

A time for separation?

In fact, more people divorce in January than any other time of year, due to the stresses of Christmas and trying to salvage just one last festive season together.

After 48hours incarcerated with the out-laws, it’s easy to see why (sorry Gramps, you know I love you!)

If I’ve learnt anything over the years of being a ‘dutiful wife’, it’s this… time out is much needed to survive family time.

Here’s three things I will be doing over the seasonal period to keep my sanity in check!


Let those family arguments wash over you, with the fresh breeze of winter. Somehow, a walk on your own (or with the little one), gives everyone enough breathing space to have time out, enjoy the simple things in life (look mummy there’s a squirrel!) and have some time alone.

If the ‘rellies’ want to join you, say it’s part of your daily wellbeing and you will be listening to your headphones, they usually get the hint.


On that note, wellbeing is very important and when I can find the time I try to enjoy ‘mindfulness’. Lock yourself away in your bedroom for just 10 minutes and try and do some deep breathing and empty your head of all the things going around. It takes time to master, but the mental relief it brings is well worth it. There’s some great mindfulness apps in the App store to download.



And, when all else fails, SHOP! The Boxing Day sales are always the perfect excuse for rushing out of the house and spending the whole day away from any one you’re related to! Funnily enough, people seem to respect that shopping can be a personal thing and won’t always ask to go with you. The perfect excuse for ‘me time’ and some bargains too.

Merrry Chrimbo one and all


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