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For many parents, this is a bittersweet time, FACT! The kids go back to school – yay, but the kids go back to school – not so yay.

If the school holidays served to teach us one thing – it’s that time spent with our children is precious…  and boy do they love reading!

I’m always looking for books that I can enjoy with my child time and again. It’s part of our bedtime ritual, and one that has fused our bond and shared love of good books. I’m especially fond of anything that is fun to read and doubles up as educative too.

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Well, Tracey Turner has just the answer.

Her new book ‘Facts!’ offers a fun fact for every day of the year, in a bright and engaging way.

For instance: “The world’s smallest insect is the fairy wasp. An adult is just 0.44 millimetres long” and my personal favourite: “An octopus has three hearts, nine brains and blue blood.”

Who knew!?

Beautiful illustrations

It is also beautifully illustrated to bring the book to life, guaranteed to make your child love the pictures as much as the words.

I’ve enjoyed delving into the book myself, with little nuggets of fascinating facts every day – the perfect ‘end of day’ treat to look forward to.

The hardback book covers a range of curious topics, from funny animal insight, to scary science stats and human discovery. I’ve got to admit, even I didn’t know half of them myself, so it’s fun going through them and genuinely being interested too!

Like you need an excuse…

With Christmas coming up, FACTS! is something to think about adding to Santa’s Amazon list!

Suitable for 4-8 year old’s.

FACTS! is available now from Amazon from £12.99