Half term is coming…. b*****s, what are we going to do!?

Surely I can’t be the only person who’s uttered those words in the past few weeks?

If the thought of a joyless break to Centre Parks fills you with sadness, then my friend, why not book up, pack up and jet off.! Cos’ that’s what I’m planning to do.

It’s a great time to visit Europe, with lower prices than summer, less tourists and weather that allows you to walk around without breaking in to a sweat.

Here’s my top recommendations…

Billund, Denmark

Why would I want to go to Denmark, I hear you say. One word – Legoland! Ok, this is not just for kids, adults will walk around in splendour, as the mini villages come to life in all their glory. Families have been coming here since the sixties, as a fun weekend get-away. There’s also an amusement park, roller coasters and other rides to enjoy in this miniature world, all made from our favourite building blocks!

Where to stay? The Hotel Legoland of course!

Venice, Italy

No matter how many times you visit, Venice never fails to impress or enchant. Older children are positively dazzled by the water world, and a ride on a gondola is a must. Museums, churches, lots of architecture and divine food make this city unique and a delight to visit time and again. October can be a good time to visit, since the heat of summer has gone along with the millions of tourists.

Where to stay? The JW Marriott is one of the newer kids on the block, and is settled on its very own island in Venice – Isola della Rose. It’s absolutely divine!

Valencia, Spain

When you think of city breaks to Spain, you think Madrid and Barcelona. But actually, my recommendation comes in Valencia, especially in October when it’s weather makes it pleasant to walk around.

It’s one of those cities that you can mooch about go from bar to bar, sampling the local tapas. This vibrant city also has trams, which my son goes crazy for! It also has a well respected ‘BioParc’ for a fun day out to the zoo, zoo, zoo…

Where to stay? Treat yourself to some five star luxury and stay at the SH Valencia Palace. If the weather allows, it has a glorious little pool too.

And finally, planning to take the iPad away for the little one? If so, how much screen time is too much? Find out here >>>