Ella’s Kitchen Grows Up With Exciting New Range

A while back I interviewed ‘Dadpreneur’ Paul Lindley, founder of Ella’s Kitchen. He struck me as someone who believes in innovation and challenging the market.  So, I read with interest that the brand has just launched a new ‘BIG KIDS’ frozen range, to accommodate its growing consumer base.


This is a smart move, as many parents like myself came to love and trust Ella’s Kitchen during the weaning years (for inspiration, read these old post). But inevitably, as little one’s grow up, so do their palettes, and you find them eating the same dishes as you.

But this frozen range will be extremely handy on the occasions when I have nothing in the house, or frankly am too tired to rustle up dinner again!

There are 10 options for kids aged 2-8 year’s old, available from all good Tesco stores now from… TODAY!

The yummy range is packed with vegetables and contains no added sugar, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, and offers a number of gluten free options. Each recipe is made using organic, sustainably sourced ingredients, making it super tasty for kids.

It’s perfect for quick and easy mealtimes, snack time munchies in kids’ lunch boxes or when weaning.


I’ve picked out a few of my favourite mouth-watering newbies, they are:

  • Chicken + Veggie Nuggets: made with chicken breast, boosted with 4 types of veggies and wrapped up in crunchy gluten free breadcrumbs
  • Cheesey Croquettes:blended with Cauliflower for a tasty twist, all wrapped up in crunchy, gluten free breadcrumbs, a delicious vegetarian option
  • Cod Fishies:made with sustainably sourced cod and mixed with peas, sweetcorn and fluffy mash, all wrapped up in crunchy gluten free breadcrumbs
  • Strawberry + Banana Muffins:made with yummy squished strawberries and mashed bananas 

Mark Cuddigan CEO at Ella’s Kitchen said, “We are so excited to welcome a new era for Ella’s Kitchen! We have created Ella’s Kitchen Big Kids to help parents quickly and easily prepare food for their kids that they will absolutely love. It’s exciting that we can now continue helping kids develop healthy relationships with food from weaning right through to when they are big kids!”

Ella’s Kitchen’s frozen food range starts at RRP £2.50, for more information hot foot it down to Tesco or visit their website here >>>