Eggnog – the Ultimate Christmas Cocktail Recipe!

Looking for an unusual Christmas cocktail? Then try your hand at Eggnog – this simple recipe will bring a bit of American cheer to your Christmas and New Year (hey that rhymes)!

eggnogTo make up for ‘that Christmas’ when I was heavily pregnant and had to turn down more Proseco, mulled wine and champagne than had ever been offered to me, I vowed to make up for it!

I recently came across a big American tradition.

While here in the UK we celebrate the festive season with mulled wines and cider, Eggnog is the ‘drink de jour’ with our American friends. And once you’ve tried it, you’ll know exactly why! IT”S DELISH!

Creamy, smooth and with a sugary Yuletide kick, it’s not too dissimilar to a less boozy Baileys I suppose.

Jamie Oliver

For this recipe, I turn to Jamie Oliver. I know he’s a Brit, but he’s also a wonderful translator of recipes, and always easy to follow. My ingredients vary every so slightly to his, as I tend to go for healthier options.

By the way, if you’re a fan of his cooking, you ought to check out his Christmas book, it is SOOO good (this recipe was taken from his website).

Tip: If you plan to do this, give yourself a few days as it takes three days to rest in the fridge. And be sure to share with me on Twitter, and Instagram as I’d love to see and share your versions.

cinnamon 700ml semi-skimmed milk

 240ml low fat double cream

 Either three cinnamon sticks or the equivalent in powder

 Vanilla flavouring

 Freshly grated nutmeg

 5 eggs, separated

 120g cup granulated sugar

 Small handful of grated chocolate

 4 shots of your favourite rum (mine is Mount Gay from Barbados)



 Put baby down, get yourself a nice glass of wine, put on some Michael Buble…

 In a saucepan combine and boil the milk, cream, spices and flavouring

 Once boiled, allow to cool down

 Beat the eggs and sugar until they get thick, then whilse in the rest of the

 Finally combine the shots of rum. Try not to get high on the fumes!

 You will need to fridge this for up to three days to let the flavours mellow

 When ready to serve, beat the egg whites until they form peaks. Then

 You can sprinkle grated chocolate on top as a nice finish!


We hope you enjoy. If like me you’re a *little* bit obsessed with America, you’ll chuckle at my list of favourite things to thank Americans for.