Hop to it – Non-Chocolate Easter Treats


Easter is a great time of year for many reasons. The change in the season means brighter longer days and the warmth in the air brings a certain exotic smile to Londoners.

Then there’s the chocolate.

If your child is anything like mine, this is their favourite time of year for gorging. Grandparents, relatives, work colleagues – no-one can seem to resist sending us wayyyy too much chocolate. And what happens… they get sick of it and you end up scoffing it yourself, like Alan Partridge with a Toblerone. Not cool at all!

So, if you’re a friend or grandparent, colleague of cousin, and you’re desperate to get the child in your life something for Easter, think again. Better still, donate it to a food bank, for people who really deserve a gift this Easter.

If you’re still looking for inspiration though, here’s three of the best choc-free alternatives:

Yellies Bunnies

This one’s a huge hit with pre-schoolers and I’m super excited to present one to my bubba come Easter (watch my Instagram for more pictures). These super cute interactive pets respond to your voice.

Each bunny has its own look and personality, with plenty of surprises for Easter fun. Voice and sound activated, they respond to squeals of all types; yelling, clapping, singing and even random broken toddler speech. But here’s the best bit, the louder you yell, the faster they go!

Suitable for 5+ years

Now available at Fashion World for £13 (others in the collection available on Amazon)

Bunny Rucksack

There’s plenty of cheap Easter baskets on the market to buy. Unfortunately, disposable plastics do not bode well for the environment. So unless you plan to use them again, it’s time to think twice.

Buy an enduring (and pretty cool) gift at Cath Kidston. Theirsweet rucksack for summer is made from cotton and has an adorable bunny face with 3D ears attached. It’s the perfect size for youngsters.

Now available at Cath Kidstonfrom £20.00

Peter Rabbit Books

The King of bunnies everywhere, Marks and Sparks have lots of Peter Rabbit merchandise in their stores. One of our favourites is the picture books. Beautifully brought to life, this colourful collection from Beatrix Potter features nine small board books for early readers and little bubbas.

Now available from Marks & Spencer from £10.00

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