Do or Dye? Revitalising old clothes with Dylon.

 Time to spruce up your clothes with Dylon

It’s the ultimate quandary – go to work with bogeys, breakfast and baby goo on my trousers, or change them and be late once again?

I decided the former was easier. I’m not proud of it, but this is what parenting has reduced me to!

What is it with children – it’s not just their clothes they destroy, but ours too. I thought moths were bad, they have nothing on my two-year-old who likes to fling Weetabix in my face, wipe snot on my top and jump in muddy puddles. Oh, Peppa Pig, you have so much to answer to.

Thank goodness then, that I discovered Dylon washing machine dye and Dylon colour catcher. If you’re a parent and haven’t heard of it, where have you been?! These are ESSENTIALS for your shopping basket.

It will be all white
Dylon colour catcher is my favourite of all their products, and a staple in my weekly shop. Since my son started nursery, he goes through clothes like, well it’s in fashion! I simply don’t have the time to divide his teeny tiny garments into darks, colours and whites. This is why colour catcher is my saviour. Just pop a sheet in your wash, and it soaks up any dye, allowing you to do a mixed wash. Genius!

One for the Dads

Your boss may not be forgiving, but thankfully your clothes are. A spray of Dylon Spray Starch followed by a quick iron can revive even the most lacklustre of shirts. This means you can bring them back to life from the brink of your toddlers nasty clutches!

Jazz up that wardrobe

I was excited to hear that Dlyon Fabric Dyes had just launched a new pod making dying so much easier and less messier! Not only do they make life easier, but it means you get a whole new wardrobe in just one pod.

My son’s previously white vests are now grubby and grey like a bad pair of M&S pants! But rather than throw them away, I can recycle them using these ingenious pods of colour. Simply place the pod into your wash and ‘hey presto’ you have a new outfit! Feeling brave – go for ‘passion pink’, want something demur then try out ‘paradise blue’.

Not just for kids either, the dyes can spice up that tired Mummy t-shirt of yours too. It’s a revolution in home dye and simple to use, giving brilliant results.

Dylon products are available in Wikinson’s, John Lewis, Dunelm, Robert Dyas and all good retailers across the country.

Win, Win!

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