Our favourite low-calorie cocktail!

HURRAH, Dry January is over!

low-calorie cocktailOkay, I’ll admit three glasses of wine, a bottle of beer and a shot of vermouth (don’t ask) later, hardly counts for a dry month, but I know you’re more dedicated to the cause than me.

Ho hum, it’s February now so we can all get back on it. And frankly, who doesn’t deserve a stiff drink after looking after a child all day. A glass of wine here, a cocktail there – sure we know it’s an indulgence, but since we’re not going out anymore, we might as well enjoy our time at home, hiccup!

But with it being the new year n all, we need to keep an eye on the calories. And as we all know, low-calorie cocktails are the way forward.

We have chosen the Coconut Water Champagne Fruit Punch by Averie Cooks as our cocktail of the month. It packs a fruity punch, and at just 132 calories, is relatively guilt free too.


Full recipe here…

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