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Because we love you, here’s some free babysitter notes!

That first ominous night out without baby is scary-as-hell! Putting your baby’s life in the care of someone else is the biggest of all big deals. We know, we’ve been there.

But it has to happen sometime, and when that sometime comes, it’s good to be prepared.

In my case, I had no choice. Boo was three month’s old and we had a child-free wedding to attend for some very close friends. My (childless) brother was put in charge, and did a fantastic job too. Ha ha, seeing him change a stinky nappy (he sent me the film!) was priceless.

Lesson Learnt!

But I learnt a few important things from that night, namely – how important it is to leave clear instructions, particularly when your kid gets a bit older and has funny ways  – like only sleeping with the big yellow spoon and singing the train song before bedtime!








Since that night I’ve had a few other soirees that have required Boo to be babysat, and I’ve rustled up a few notes for the grandparents and family members that have stepped in.

Download for free!

All children have their own quirks, interesting ways and routines, and so to make it less stressful for all, we’ve put together these babysitter notes FREE for you to download and use.

So hopefully, the next time you want to escape the house for date night, wedding night, or whatever night it might be – rest assured that you can do so without panicking you’ve forgotten something, as we’ve got all bases covered!


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