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Decorating a nursery doesn’t need to cost a fortune…

It seemed to be the best era when I was growing up, but looking back, the 80s wasn’t all that! We had weird toys that definitely wouldn’t pass EU regulations today, I would spend at least 20 minutes waiting for my prehistoric Amiga to load up (kids today don’t know how lucky they are) and my room was decorated like a Granny annex!

Oh that room. I remember the pink, cream and green floral wallpaper with fluffy bits that I would pick at much to my Dad’s annoyance. Mismatched furniture cluttered up the room and soft toys with menacing big eyes were scattered across my single bed, decorated with a paisley duvet. What a combination, if you remember retro sweet ‘refreshers’ you’ve got the gist!

Home Deco Style

Perhaps it was the era for bad decoration, but thankfully this wouldn’t happen now. Interior design and home decoration has become accessible and inspiring, with endless TV programmes dedicated to the fine art of making your house a showroom. Oh Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen you have much to answer to.

When I knew I was expecting, our thoughts turned to how to decorate our baby’s room. It needed to be stylish, fun, colourful, playful and definitely not green, pink and cream…

Deluxe Jungle Animal Luxury Nursery Wall Art Sticker Design for a baby boys nursery room : Accessories & decoration by Enchanted InteriorsBut where to start? Well thankfully we live in the digital era, and inspiration was at my fingertips. Websites like Homify are a great resource, especially for boys bedroom ideas.

Interior Inspiration

The problem being, my husband and I do not share the same taste. He wanted to make it all cute and fluffy for my son, while given the choice I’d have decorated it with rock posters and shades of black, grey and blue. What do you mean it sounds like a teenager’s room, you’re supposed to be on my side!

Well in the end he won <grits teeth>, and Boo’s room was decorated in a palette of duck egg, yellow sorbet and baby blue – how very middle class. A selection of cute jungle characters decorate the walls with alphabet letters around the door. But I did get to choose the cot, a perfect shade of white, with elephants decorating the bottom sheet, small victories and all that.

Fairy Tale Nursery Wall Stickers by Witty Doodle : Pictures & paintings by Witty DoodleNow my son is one year’s old I can’t believe that he is already starting to grow out of his room. It won’t be long until we start thinking of cars, monsters, robots and trucks … and rock star posters, if I get my own way!


Photo Credits:

Top picture: Deluxe Jungle Animal Luxury Nursery Wall Art Sticker Design for a baby boys nursery room by Enchanted Interiors

Bottom Picture: Fairy Tale Nursery Wall Stickers by Witty Doodle by Witty Doodle


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