Empowering our daughters… with a little help from Whitney!

Loving our sisters, daughters and friends

It is said that early influences can shape a person.  Today’s millennials have grown up with Harry Potter, thus believing everything is possible, while my generation grew up with Muriel’s Wedding!

Sure, you know it. The film where the socially ‘awks’ Australian girl (Toni Collette) has an obsession with getting married. Her flat is littered with wedding books dedicated to the big day. She’s found the dress, located the venue… all that’s left is to find the man!

Indeed, it was the Bridget Jones of its day, and every girl connected to it.


Sex and the City Girls

Fast forward a few decades later and Muriel is reinvented in the form of Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda for a new audience. Fans of Sex and the City will vouch for its witty dialogue and female empowerment, as we see the strengths and struggles of four career girls in New York… all just looking for ‘the one’ while knocking back eye-wateringly strong cocktails.

And there’s so much more. Girls, The Real Housewives of ‘Wherever’, Gossip Girls, How I met your Mother, the list continues.


But, as Carrie would say, it got me thinking; what are these female characters doing for womankind, when the pattern is always the same…

  • Girl grows up dreaming of ‘marriage and kids’
  • She graduates school and moves to the big city
  • Girl establishes career and parties a little too much with her girlfriends
  • All the girl’s friends find love, leaving her sad and alone
  • Girl desperately searches for the one
  • Dates lots of unsuitable men, while her friends patronisingly mock her
  • Finally, girl meets ‘the one’ who just so happened to be there all along!

Strong career women we have, strong robust storylines we do not.

The greatest love of all

We must empower young females to believe that a man (or a woman) doesn’t complete her. We need our children to understand that happiness comes from within, that success is earned, that careers must be built and that love is a gift. Finding a partner is a blessing, not a mission.

Only then can we really help our daughters, friends and sisters to, in the ever beautiful words of Whitney House, find the greatest love of all. To love themselves.



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