Play-Doh playtime with Cranky the Octopus


The recent cold snap seems to be going on and on. We have been housebound for days on end, weekends have been spent watching snow falling and rain pouring.

As ever, I thank my lucky stars that Play-Doh was invented! Readers will know how I’m obsessed with it, in this recent post about the Play Doh Kitchen Oven

It is the answer to cabin-fever, and grey days indoors. But more than just an activity, I can see how it really helps my son with his creativity and coordination skills. Sadly, it’s not taught him to be a master chef just yet, but hey, I’m working on it!

Getting Cranky

So, I was giddy with excitement to see the latest instalment in the Play-Doh range – Cranky the Octopus. Curiously, I don’t know why he’s called Cranky with that big beaming smile!

Kids of the 80 will totally get this. All I EVER wanted growing up was the Mop Top Hair Shop (and Mr Frosty, obvs), neither of which I ever got. So, I’m promising to right all the wrongs by ensuring my Boo has all the toys he craves, and Cranky is right up there… for us both!

What’s it all about?

Simply put, Cranky is an Octopus head, relying on you to give him wiggly long legs. Something my son finds endlessly funny. Pump him full of play-doh and crank him up… ohhhh that’s why he’s called Cranky, duh!

But there’s more. It comes with a treasure chest that you can fill with pieces of treasure (or peas as my son likes to do!), using the moulds that help you create shells, fishes and all kinds of treats. My personal favourite though is being able to make Play-Doh rings, hell yeah!

It also comes with red lobster scissors, which Boo can’t get enough of. I’m told at nursery they are a great way to help introduce them to writing. Who knew!

Other treats include a goldfish book mould, and dolphin roller cutter in keeping with the ‘under the sea’ theme. The texture roller is great fun too.

Suitable for 3 years +, this is a great all-round toy for boys and girls, brilliant for having a laugh while bringing out the best of their imagination.

What’s in the box?

  • Five happy pots of Play-Doh
  • Cranky the Octopus
  • A treasure chest box
  • Goldfish book mould
  • Dolphin roller cutter
  • Clam book mould
  • Texture roller
  • Lobster scissors

Where can I get my grubby hands on it?!

Available from Argos, Amazon and Asda from £15.97 upwards.

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