In Italy it’s ‘bambino’, in Turkey it’s ‘bebek’, in France it’s ‘Bébé’ and here in England we call them baby!

Whatever you call your little one, it’s likely that they own clothes that were made abroad, use international materials, or were inspired by other cultures.

And brands are becoming more socially responsible in their manufacturing. Whether it’s recognising cultures in their design or giving back financially.

So, I thought I’d round up of three of my favourite brands that lead the way in recognising and helping communities….


JoJo Maman Bébé is one of our favourite boutiques with beautiful, high quality clothes.

Their new ‘Botanical Flowers’ girls range has our attention. Not just for its eye-catching detail, but because it pays homage to the Indian suppliers the company uses. The designs were inspired when their buyer took a trip to their factory in India.

JoJo Maman Bebe Founder and MD, Laura Tenison explains;

“It’s really important that JoJo helps to contribute to the economies of the countries we make in, offering good, ethical jobs. Personal relationships are important and we try stay loyal so that they have confidence in our repeat orders and can invest in the infrastructure and their local communities.”

The ‘Botanical Flowers’ range is available from six months to six year olds from just £16. It uses embroidered pin cord against rich colours that bring the vibrancy of India to life and remind me of the clothes my relatives would bring me from Greece in my childhood, lovingly stitched by ‘Yaya’s’ (Greek Nan’s)!

For more, please visit Jojo Maman Bebe

JoJo Maman Bébé - Embroidered Dress      JoJo Maman Bébé - Green Embroiderd Pinafore


Rockin’ Baby first caught our attention with their baby slings, reminiscent of traditional African wraps. They have gained international popularity in recent years with fashion and eco-conscious parents.

What makes their slings even more special, is that for each one bought, another is given to a Mother in need in places like Haiti.

The same goes for their stunning clothes range. For each item purchased, another is given to an Ebola orphan. It’s a touching gesture that other brands could learn from.

Their clothes are original, cute and have great appeal, capturing the imagination of children with their space travel, circus and forest friends themes.

Check out their latest range at Rockin’ Baby

Rockin Baby2 © Rockin' Baby            Rockin' Baby 3 © Rockin' Baby


Many years ago I had the fortune to meet the Marketing Director of Toms in one of their flagship stores in Los Angeles. I was humbled by their do-good approach, in a way that benefits consumer and ‘charity’ at the same time. I totally bought in to their thinking, and am proud to share their name whenever I can.

Their philosophy is ‘One for One’. So, for every top, sunglasses or pair of shoes you buy, another will be donated to someone in need, somewhere in the world.

Tiny Toms, £23They have gained a celebrity following from Anne Hathaway, Kiera Knightly and Jessica Alba to name a few. But their stylish products don’t need it – they speak for themselves.

For more on Toms, visit here

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