Celebrity Fans of Our New Book (including Russell Brand)!

We’ve always loved Russell Brand, but now even more…!

It’s a strange thing when one of your favourite celebrities reads your words! However, I had the pleasure of recently discovering that comedian and presenter Russell Brand has been swotting up on parenthood, with our new book ‘The First Time Parent: Six Months on the Outside‘!

Indulge me for a moment, but in case you missed it, here’s his post on Instagram:

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Conclusion to previous fatherhood book The Expectant Dad's Handbook: Pretty good, good to plug men in to what women go through (as much as you can with titchy scribbles words) but not so powerful as Birth Without Fear or Birth Without Violence – books that explain how the medical profession has masculinised child birth and removed it from the domain of women. . I suppose people will say before medical advancement women/infants died in labour more, much more and that's true. . A lot of the time I've noticed technical evolution is used as a pair of twinkly silicone ankle cuffs, to hobble debate. . Anyway a good book, credit to the author, it's personable and warm. . Birth Without Violence – a total classic of the genre and a philosophy for life, death. And a new book sent to me by the author Sophia Walker – THANK YOU . #parenting #trewlit #bookstagram

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And on Twitter too…

If you’re into reading, his book club is well worth following on #TrewLit – which covers a whole host of treats. From philosophical titles to this that get under the political underbelly. Russell is hugely articulate and also hosts a brilliant podcast worth listening to as well.

Thank you Russell – we think you’ll be a great Dad!

An essential read for any new parent, ‘The First-Time Parent: Six Months on the Outside’ is available from £2.49 downloadable on iTunes and is also available on paperback and hardback on Amazon. 

Here’s an exert from the author:

“As I stumbled through those early days with a newborn I noted all the essentials that got me through it, which led me to writing this book. I hope other Mums and Dads will find it helpful, funny and above all – reassuring that they’re not alone!”

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