BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Bliss Review

New Mum Diane, reviews the latest BABYBJÖRN ‘Bouncer Bliss’ which launched earlier this year. The beloved classic underwent a revamp, bringing a completely new look and style for a modern audience.

You know you’re onto a winning piece of kit when your dad walks in and says “You had one of those. Spent your childhood in it.” But while my 1970s version had more of a coat-hanger-draped-in-rayon feel about it, this bears the hallmark of some serious R&D into materials.

The day the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Bliss came into the house was the first time since my baby son’s arrival that we all sat down for dinner at the same time, he loves it.

Money well spent

At £144 it is pricey; however it’s a worthwhile investment. William spends a fair bit of time in this so it’s reassuring to know he’s is properly supported and held in top quality fabric which, as a mesh, is breathable.

Baby William hanging out!

Bounce for life

The Bouncer Bliss will last, so in the event you’re planning to breed a brood, this ain’t going to run out of bounce.

It’s very responsive, William is only nine weeks but he can generate enough movement himself to feel stimulated, and when being bounced it feels controlled. The value of the materials used in the frame come into play when moving from room to room, with the bouncer under one arm and the baby under the other; solid yet incredibly lightweight.

(C) BabyBjorn

Interestingly this is one of the few places William drifts off to sleep by himself – I know I’m probably behind schedule with the self-soothing, if he’s still falling asleep on me when he’s 15 then I’ll give Gina Ford a ring, but at the moment it’s a bosom for a pillow except when he’s in this! Saying that, I don’t think the crew at BABYBJÖRN are advocating this for use in place of a cot!

Bounce around

The Bouncer Bliss is designed to be used when travelling and while I’m determined not to be one of those parents that fills the car with everything bar the changing table, I’d take this. It folds down neatly, and I’m sure it would make a useful substitute for a high chair. Speaking of which, the fabric is very easily removed for washing and replaced.

Many families  we meet see the bouncer is a lifesaver. In my family we bring it everywhere, when we travel, go to our friends, and around the house.” (BabyBjörn’s Vice President, Björn Engström)

The catch

Underneath there’s a catch for adjusting the angle of the chair so that it can be used for play, rest or sleep, and after a couple of attempts is straightforward to use while the baby is in the chair – it’s very easy to use when the chair is empty.

The safety restraint

My only criticism is the safety restraint, which is clumsy and difficult to attach. Ironically it’s also a very simple design – it’s essentially buttoned into place either side; however they’re stiff and bit awkward.

Best bits

  • Solid yet incredibly lightweight
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy to transport
  • Cover easy to remove, wash and replace
  • One of the few places your baby will feel secure enough to nod off

Least fav bits

  • Awkward to fasten the safety restraints
  • I fell a little out of love with the colour

Technical Bits

Colours:          This new range comes in three free colours; poweder pink, cocoa and antracite

Suitability:     From newborn (8lb) up to around 2 (20lb) – it can be converted into a chair

Weight:           2.1kg

Dimensions:   (highest position) 56 x 79 x 39cm, (transport mode) 11 x 89 x 39cm

Fabric:              100% polyester

To sum it up…

The Bouncer Bliss is a great example of why the simple classics are often the best. If you’re going to make an investment purchase, this will serve you well.

The BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Bliss is available from all good retailers, including John Lewis, as well as, from £144.99


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