Boo’s first passport

© Pixabay

I’m told that the first six months are the best to take your tot abroad. Before my mind wanders to thoughts of Rum Punches in the Caribbean, I’ve got to sort his passport. This is all very comical, because his photo will remain for five years. As desperate as I am to go abroad, this slightly-vain Mum (yes me) can’t quite bring myself to do it yet, because the Boo has baby acne, a big stork mark and a crusty nose. Now call me vain, but this photo will last until 2020, so it’s got to be good. I suddenly feel quite old when I realise that I travelled on my folks passport till I was in my teens. How times have changed.

You can go to Snappy Snaps and get a professional baby ID photo, or you can do it yourself for comedy value! Here’s my top tips.

1. Wait until your baby is in a good mood, you’re more likely to get a good shot, than a smack in the face!

2. Put your baby in a top you like, this photo will last five years (did we mention that!)

3. Use a white sheet or duvet for background and make sure lighting is good

4. If using the iPhone, hold the button down to take a series of shots in succession for you to pick the best

5. Upload your photo to photobox, they reproduce images to official passport size


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