Best Kids Birthday Cake Buys!

Hmm, who doesn’t love kids Birthday cake! I guess it’s one of the perks of being a parent, since you’re going to be hosting many a birthday party in the years to come!

Remember when parties used to be about prosecco and party tunes? These days however, on the world of being a parent, it’s all about jelly, juice and a statement birthday cake!

If, like me, you weren’t blessed with the skills of Mary Berry, but lack none of the ambition, you have two options. The first; to pay someone to craft a cake for you (budget £40-100), or two, buy a shop bought cake (£5-50).

Head to the High-Street

So, in time-honoured tradition, where else to turn but the high street.

From Marks & Sparks to Tesco, here’s a round-up of some of the best kids birthday cakes, to satisfy their diva demands and taste buds at the same time!

Nancy the Narwhal Madeira Cake – Sainsbury’s – £9

At less than a tenner, this is easily the best value birthday cake of the lot. Serving up to 12 gets, it has layered frosting and raspberry jam, with edible decorates that are kitsch cute. It’s a birthday cake pleaser for sure!

Hamburger cake – Marks & Spencer, £45

Yum, yum, tuck in to this hamburger cake for kids with a brilliant sense of humour. What’s not to love about this giant burger, that is equally as great for photo opporutnities! Serving 30, this giant cake is a hit for big family get togethers.


Tesco – Spiderman, £10

For all those Marvel fans, a red Spidey cake does not fail! With no artificial colours of flavours, this is a great buy for just a tenner. However, be warned – when I ordered this for my child’s birthday, the sell-by date was 2 days later, and NOT as the ‘one week’ advertising suggest. You may be better off buying in store rather than online, if this is for an important party.

(c) Tesco


Waitrose – Fire Engine, £30

Serving between 18 and 20 portions, this super-cute fire engine cake is great for bigger parties. The golden sponge is filled with raspberry jam and buttercream filling, which is set to dazzle tastebuds. It’s not cheap, but the price does allow personalisation, so you can add your kids name to it, winner!



When it comes to your child’s birthday party you’re going to need a kick-ass cake to impress. For your future memories, and of course insta! Images courtesy of each respective retailer.

Prices correct at time of going to print, please check retailers for latest prices and availability.